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In the demanding metering industry, you need a capable solution that you can trust. For that reason, we built the proKom series of flow computers. A high-performance unit that is built with years of industry insight and experience. It is equipment tailored to your system that you can have confidence in. Accuracy and reliability are at the heart of our approach when it comes to delivering advanced oil and gas flow computer control system solutions.

The proKom Flow Computers Series has been designed to operate individually as a single meter run device, or in a cluster for multi-stream applications. Available in options to skid and panel mount, its small footprint makes it an obvious choice for cost-effective refits to replace older technologies. Built to last, it already operates successfully in the harshest of environments and across a wide range of temperatures. The proven design supports all industry measurement application needs across the world.

The proKom flow computer is available in three models, each designed to specialize in a range of applications. All are driven by our commitment to accuracy and performance. The models are:

ProKom 3000 – Series
Application: Custody and Allocation
Others: Panel Mount FC
Options: Single or Multi-stream Application

ProKom 2000 – Hybrid Series
Application: Custody, Allocation, Well Test and Wet Gas
Others: Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Environment
Options: Multiple Display (ProView)

ProKom 1000 – Integrated Series
Application: Custody, Allocation and Operational Meter Application
Others: For DCS Platform and Virtual Flow Computer
Options: Multiple Display (ProView)

ProKom SERIES comes with a range of applications that cover all the common fiscal hydrocarbon measurement requirements, with sophisticated applications for Oil, Gas, LPG & NLGs using American and International calculation standards in both U.S Customary units and Metric units.

Revolutionary Display

The new generation touch screen display provides five times more functionalities than conventional flow computer. It also adaptable to various interfacing platform and with its high performance characteristic, Supervisory computer (MSC) may not be required for some application.

Seamless Connectivity

The communications options are unsurpassed. Obviously the legacy communications methods such as the numerous variants of Modbus are fully supported, but in addition, a range of IP protocols are supported, and the XML data exchange method is exceedingly powerful and future-proofed. In addition the in-built webserver allows unlimited user interaction.


Custody Transfer
Fiscal Measurement
Well Test
Batch and Loading Application

Custody Transfer
Fiscal Measurement
Well Test

Wet Gas Dual Phase


Metrology Approval:

MID MI – 002, 2014/32/EU – European Directive
Cert No: UK/0126/0222

MID – WELMEC 8.8, 7.2
OIML R117 – 1
Cert No: GB – 1614

Approval Standard: CE


API 11.1, API 11.2.1, API 11.2.1M, API 11.2.2, API 11.2.2M,
ASTM/API 1952 (Table 5, 6, 23 & 24), API MPMS
Chapter 11.1 1980 (Table 5, 6, 23, 24, 53, 54)

AGA 8_1992, SGERG_88, AGA5_2009,
GPA_2172_09, ISO6976_1995, ISO5167_2003,
AGA3_2003, Gas Totalising

De Leeuw Correlation, Steven Correlation and
ISO TR11583

Certification and Approval

Differential Pressure Measurement: Orifice, Venturi and Cone Meters
Turbine Meter, PD Meter: High and Low Frequency Pulses
Ultrasonic, Coriolis Meter: Pulse Counting and Serial Interface

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