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Data Management System


  • Enterprise version of ProWare
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) engine with pre configured measurement analysis algorithm drills deep into vast amount of measurement data to provide accurate information useful for preventive/corrective maintenance instantly without direct human intervention.
  • Provides big data capability- terabytes of data logging and storage as part of the big data infrastructure to feed the AI data crunching analysis.
  • Low latency cloud based system ensures fast and agile system response.
  • Cloud based Enterprise Edition for Large and Scalable Systems
  • Multi-Tiered Architecture. Application, presentation and database tier are separated to provide maximum availability and scalability.
  • Much wider coverage on Metering and Measurement Details
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Module for complex flow measurement analysis
  • Open connectivity to 3rd party technologies allowing simple integration between systems. Provides API for cross platform connectivity.


Supervisory System


  • Professional Edition of Metering Supervisory Software
  • Support various systems architecture. Redundant to cluster type supervisory server systems
  • Unlimited I/O tags which gives the flexibility & advantage for future addition or expansion
  • Supports all major communication protocols
  • Auto Generated Flow Computer Communication Mapping and Data Base for major brands ie Prokom, S600/S600+, Omni, Ex~I, Flow X
  • Secure Station Totalisation
  • Historical Storage
  • Intuitive User Interface (windows based, mobile based and web based)
  • Remote Access
  • Trending
  • Proving
  • Calculation editor
  • Alarm and Event Handling
  • Support for redundancy at the supervisory and flow computer level
  • Connectivity to host DCS/SCADA/PI systems
  • Duty/standby flow computer constants and application management. The supervisory can download a change of constants data to both machines ensuring both are synchronized.
  • Security System with the capability of offering individual login accounts
  • Networking & Web connectivity




  • Lite Edition for simplified measurement system monitoring and control
  • Supports web, mobile platform (Android & iOS)
  • Compatible with proWare 3000 and proWare 2000
  • Intuitive User Interface and dashboard
  • Open connectivity with 3rd party systems
  • Remote Access
  • Unlimited I/O tags which gives the flexibility & advantage for future addition or expansion
  • Fully Customizable to user requirements
  • HMI for Metering Computer Systems

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