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Data Management


Data Management

Dermaga’s Data Management Solution is a self-service solution developed by an inhouse team that provides analytical data management for clients to monitor and manage the integrity of its assets. Having this software built internally for clients, we are able to configure the system to specified needs and requirements of our clients and their assets.

Our software is able to increase analytic accuracy and improve data security and while providing accurate feed to clients. These live data will enable clients to manage their assets in a timely manner based on the live information gathered.

Dermaga’s data management success can be seen from the delivery of an Integrated Measurement Monitoring and Inventory System (IMMIS) to Petronas. The IMMIS is used by the National Oil Company for asset management monitoring for its offshore facilities in Malaysia.

Data Management

Software capabilities:

– Self-service solutions

  • Dashboard driven web UI for self-service maintenance and publishing of hierarchies, code
    sets, mappings and other reference data attributes.
  • Microsoft Excel compatible

– Business agility

  • Automated alerts and email notifications that eliminate manual processes and enable
    proactive maintenance to deliver analytics faster, reduce errors and minimize development
    cycle times.

– Visibility and compliance

  • Provide traceability and visibility of all changes/ updates, lineage of granular data back to
    source systems, roll-back capable, and role based security.

– Delivers trusted analytics

  • Effective analytics with improved data quality, visibility, and self-management of reference

Software uses:

– Self-service management of reference data

  • Update data through Web UI where users can create, read, update and delete data on their
  • Automated alerts through Web UI sent via email or messaging to users.
  • Transferable desktop data, such as Microsoft Excel.

– Synchronise-able systems

  • Harmonisation of different code sets, name value pairs or lookup tables from multiple
    sources into one system.
  • With Reference Data Manager incorporated in the software, clients are able to define
    standard code values, maintain cross reference, view data and alert business owners on
    unknown or missing values.

– Multi-Dimensional Hierarchy Management

  • Users are able to visually explore, maintain, compare and conduct heiracy mass
  • Drag and drop updates can be done via the Web UI and new hierarchies can be loaded
    through the Microsoft Excel upload portal.

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